Spinzilla was so much fun. It was also quite a personal challenge. Spin as much as you can for a week, doesn’t sound hard, does it? It wasn’t, but it did require some plotting and scheming. Life keeps throwing distractions at you, however, it was Spinzilla week—nothing could be allowed to interfere! It was a whole week of spin, spin, and better spin some more. It was just wonderful.

Now that we are seriously planning Spinzlla year two, I am looking back to see what worked and what didn’t. I can see where I made some mistakes. So here are 5 things I will NOT do during Spinzilla 2014.

1. Don’t have a house guest! Please understand, she was a lovely guest, but, poor thing, she saw nothing but my spinning wheel go round. I was a terrible host and I felt really guilty. Not guilty enough to stop spinning, mind you. It cut into my spinning time since I had to get up occasionally to point to where stuff was. Here is the food! Towels? They are in the linen closet. I mean; where would they be? Sheesh.

Yarn drying in Captain Constance's Garden

Yarn drying in Captain Constance’s Garden.

2. Don’t work in the garden! Gardens here in Ohio are at full harvest in September. I tried to keep up—tons of tomatoes, beans, peppers, all the things I worked so hard to keep alive all summer were ready to pick and be preserved, all during Spinzilla week. I am spinning here! Can’t you see I don’t have time for picking, weeding, and watering. I do have time for eating though. Thanks to my wonderful husband for feeding me all week.

3. Don’t sleep! I took too much time for sleep. Going to bed is overrated anyway. If I could just sleep every OTHER night, that would really improve my yardage. Getting up and getting going in the morning takes too long. So get up, spin all day, all night, all the next day, then go to bed. Sounds like a smart plan. Don’t try this at home. It is only for crash dummies.

4. Don’t leave the house during the week! I thought I could spin on my tiny Kuchulu spindle in the car and at the Dentist office. This was not a good plan. Stop sign stops don’t last long enough. Stop lights are more promising but it depends on when you get there. By the time I got my spindle out the light would change. I live in out in the boonies so there are no traffic jams to provide real spinning time. The dentist office visit would have been the best chance for real yardage but there were too many people asking me questions. I am on a serious mission here, no time for answering the incredulous question of “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Are you weaving?

5. Don’t choose to spin camel! It seemed like a good idea at the time. Camel is short and it is spun woolen. Long draw seems so fast—you fill bobbin after bobbin. There were two problems with this choice. First, it really easier if it is plyed AND finished to be safely skeined up and measured. The second issue is that hours and days of long draw can do a bit of damage to a shoulder. Don’t worry though. It’s almost healed. A few more weeks and my shoulder will be just fine . . . just about time to start practicing and getting into shape for Spinzilla 2014. Maybe I will spin up that lovely Corriedale fleece I have stashed? No, maybe that long beautiful Lincoln I bought at the fiber show last summer or the Angora I got at my fiber circle. OHHHH I can’t wait! Spinzilla 2014, here I come!

—Constance Hall, Dyeology
Team Captain Coordinator