Last year I was visiting my mom at her farm, and she suggested we make a quick trip down the road to see if Lester had some manure ready to give to her. I asked her if I needed to put on “real clothes”, see what my hair was up to, or brush my teeth. Mom said none of that was necessary, because Lester is my grandmother’s cousin, and so is our cousin—these were “our people.”

Being involved in the first ever Spinzilla gave me an opportunity to commune with more of My People. All of the thinking, planning, and work that goes into making Year Two improvements is that much better, because it allows me to connect with more of My People. For this and more, I am grateful.

Thank you, Spinzilla, for getting me to dust off my wheel and tools. For reacquainting me with the zen of fiber prep, and for getting me to finish up the last of the coopworth lamb fleece I bought and washed over two years ago.


Thank you for the chance to be more involved in the larger spinning community and welcome newcomers. The Spinzilla registration fee supports new spinners through the NeedleArts Mentoring Program (NAMP). New and experienced alike had the opportunity to learn from each other and super spinners like one of my spinning heroes, Beth Smith. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to encourage and cheer each other on.

Thank you for getting me out of my own head during a tricky time, when not everything was going great in my world. The many aspects of Spinzilla gave me welcome distraction.

Spinzilla helped me make some room in my fiber stash, and gave me the motivation to finish long-idle bobbins that could then hold Spinzilla yarn. Spinning along with my tribe made it easier to give myself permission to do something just for fun.

I did not spin a lot of yardage, but I did make something useful and (I think) rustically beautiful. Thanks for turning me on to new methods of measurement, new-to-me indie dyers, and for the practice carding—I finally got the feel of it down!

Thanks to Spinzilla I got the spark of some pretty good ideas (and there are probably many more to come) that will help fiber-based businesses that we all rely on to take advantage of the consumer interest and buzz surrounding the competition. There are many business opportunities here! I bought a couple things, and I used up some stuff, so now I can get more. No need to explain this line of thinking to My People, right?


I’m thankful that Spinzilla gave me the option to spin Rogue, so I would not have to feel pressure to do more or feel the guilt of letting teammates down, since I knew my time to spin that week would be limited. I still felt part of a big, happy group, and this gave me the momentum to make spinning a regular part of my day—or at least my week—as we head into winter.

I hope you will gather up some of Your People and join us for Spinzilla 2014. Every part of this experience holds many gifts for me. Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to do it again.

Spinzilla 2014 is October 6 − 12.  Team registration opens May 5.  Find more details about the schedule on our website,

Spin on Spinzilla spinners, spin on!

Andrea Marquis, Yarn Superhero
Spinzilla Committee Member and Rogue Spinner