Get Ready

The new year is dawning and so is another Spinzilla challenge!  Team and spinner registration dates are set!

Spinzilla 2014 October 6-12

  • Team Registration May 5-July 14
  • Team Spinner Registration August 4-September 22
  • Rogue Spinner Registration August 4-October 3

While we are busy prepping for this year’s event, it’s not to early for you to start training!  Don’t let those spinning wheels get dusty! Have you been plying or weaving, knitting, crocheting projects with last year’s yarn?  Head on over to our Ravelry group or Facebook page and share!

Done Good

Last year’s registration fees helped expand the NeedleArts Mentoring Program (NAMP) to include spinning. In 2013, NAMP served over 5,000 children in 34 states.  In 2014, they hope to double that number thanks to you! That’s something to feel good about in the new year. If you are interested in starting a program or volunteering visit NAMP’s website for more information.

Stop By

Headed to the Winter 2014 National NeedleArts trade show in San Diego next week?  Look for us at The Daily Dose of Fiber wall in the lobby or watch for a committee member wearing an “Ask Me About Spinzilla” badge.

We are eager to talk to you about how to incorporate Spinzilla into your 2014 calendar.  Think about adding classes that will help your team nab the trophy such as fiber prep, learning the long-draw, and measuring and storing handspun yarn.

Your Spinzilla Committee,

Rita Petteys (Yarn Hollow), Logistics 
Andrea Marquis (Yarn Superhero), Prizes and Sponsorship 
Constance Hall (Dyeology), Team Captain and Rogue Coordinator 
Liz Gipson (Yarnworker), Media and Communications