picture collageYour enthusiasm for a simple idea is infectious! Over 1.3 million yards of yarn, y’all! Spinzilla captured your imagination and we are grateful for everyone who was willing to jump in with both feet and spin your hearts out. There were many things we got right and you were willing to give us a pass on the things that were not quite right yet—thanks for that!

Participants both via the survey and other avenues gave us thoughtful comments about how to make Spinzilla even better.  The common themes were around registration, spinning start and end times, team captain orientation, communication in general, and clarity around measuring and plying.

Spinner Survey You had a great (70%) or good (28%) experience, and most of spinners would participate again (70%).  Spinners primarily interacted online (70%), although a good number also met in person either at a store (15%) or at a meet up (15%).  The favorite part of Spinzilla was the incentive to spin more (51%) and interacting with other spinners (27%).  The most used Spinzilla resources was Ravelry, followed by your team captains’ various communications and  our website and e-newsletter.

Team Captain Survey Team Captains overwhelmingly thought Spinzilla met its goals (100%).  More than half thought they got great support (65%) while the rest felt that the support was good (35%).  Teams communicated with their members via e-mail or newsletter, followed by Ravelry, their business blog, website, Facebook page or shop-based promotions.  To get information about the event, captains primarily used Ravelry and the direct team captain e-mails from Spinzilla while also using the website, blog, and Facebook.  All team captains said they would be back next year! More than half of the businesses associated with teams said that Spinzilla generated sales and new customers.  Thank you for supporting your LYS and spinning suppliers! 

Keep talking, sharing, and showing off your yarn.  We are still hanging out on Ravelry and Facebook, blogging, and sending out e-newsletters. The website is in the process of being updated.  There is no napping for us! Team registration opens May 5, 2014. Stay tuned!  There is more to come.

Your 2014 Spinzilla Committee

Rita Petteys, Logistics Lady
Andrea Marquis, Prize Princess
Constance Hall, Team Captain and Rogue Herder
Liz Gipson, Media Maven