You are all winners for raising nearly $6,000 for the NeedleArts Mentoring Program.  The spinners of tomorrow thank you! You win because the more you spin, the better spinner you become!  We all win because spinning nearly 1.4 MILLION YARDS OF YARN (1,373,175.06) is a collective accomplishment beyond our wildest dreams!

Thank you to everyone that participated and helped support this inaugural year of Spinzilla!

Onto The Prizes!

As the Spinzilla prize priestess I want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to Spinzilla.  Each person listed here will receive a $25 gift certificate.  I will coordinate with the businesses to send each winner either a physical or digital certificate.  If you have any questions please e-mail me at

—Andrea Marquis, Yarn Superhero

golden niddy copy

The Golden Niddy Noddy is off to the engravers. Thanks to Constance Hall, Team Captain Herder for bring the golden niddy to life.

Team FancyTiger is awarded the inaugural golden niddy noddy that is being inscribed for eternity with their accomplishment of spinning 94,939.73 yards!

Fancy Tiger individual team member prizes listed by first name, last initial, and prize sponsor:

Bob B   Beesybee Fiber
Tory K  Cloudlover
Miranda H  Cotton Clouds
Tina J  Happy  Fuzzy Yarn
Melanie E  Imperial Stock Ranch
Lily G  Into the Whirled
Joanna J Knitspot
Pink P Louet
Rebecca F Louet
Karen D Lucky Cat Craft
Susan P Mountain Meadow Wool
Sophia S Mountain Meadow Wool
Emily P Nancy’s Knit Knacks
Amber C Painted Tiger
Christina B Pigeonroof Studios
Caroline M Pigeonroof Studios
Jaime J Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival
Frank W Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival
Pamela M Schacht Spindle Company
Nathalie H Schacht Spindle Company
Laura C Spin Off
Kathryn B Spin Off
Megan M Stitched By Sasha
Jennifer L Storey Publishing
Emelyn T Three Fates Yarn

Our Rogue Champion Award is sponsored by The Woolery. Terresa Lawson wins a Yards to Yarn Balance emblazoned with a special plaque and a $25 gift certificate from The Woolery. 

Just added, a special award for the individual that spun the most yards. Cheryl Newhouse on Team Storey wins with 16,852 yards. She wins a small niddy noddy and a plaque for spinning a sick amount of yarn. Think about hiring her as a Spinzilla consultant/coach for next year’s competition!

Our randomly drawn prize winners follow, in alphabetical order by team. Click the links to see what you or your friends or fierce competitors have won…

Random Prize Winners listed by team, first name, last initial, and prize sponsor:

Team Alpaca Direct

Kelly H Louet

Kjirstine P Quayside Publishing Group

Team Asheville Homecrafts

Marie H Cotton Clouds

Ruth G Natural Fiber Producers

Ashley E Enchanted Knoll

Team Cotton Clouds

Irene S Schacht Spindle Company

Jesse L Yarn Hollow

Suzy S Yarn Hollow

Tamara S Spin Off

Team Edgewood Garden Studio

Wendy S Lucky Cat Craft

Jessica W Storey Publishing

Team Gate City Yarns

Martha M Mielke’s Fiber Arts

Cathy E The Knitting Guild Association

Team Knit Girllls

Stacie D Natural Fiber Producers

Team Knot Another Hat

Kelli M Louet

Yvonne E Louet

Paula W Louet

Lise B Schacht Spindle

Lorie S Storey Publishing

Team Louet

Kim G Natural Stitches

Susanne B Mohair and More

Bethe O Meridian Jacobs

Team Lucky Cat Craft

Allison R SweetGeorgia Yarn

Margaret C Pigeonroof Studios

Team Meridian Jacobs

Janette E Cloudlover

Kathleen H SweetGeorgia Yarn

Sheena M  Cotton Clouds

Robin L Into the Whirled

Terri M Lucky Cat Crafts

Team Mielke’s Fiber Arts

Linda P Happy Fuzzy Yarn

Shirley S Lucky Cat Crafts

Jenny R Knitspot

Mary Z  Smudge Yarns

Team Natural Fiber Producers

Sue S Louet

Traci N Stitched by Sasha

Team Natural Stitches

Angie H Natural Fiber Producers

Team Nimblestix

LaDonna M Natural Stitches

Kimberly B Imperial Stock Ranch

Team Recycled Lamb

Christie G SweetGeorgia Yarn

Rogue Spinner

Cyndi M Yarn Hollow

Betty K Yarn Hollow

Rachel F  Cotton Clouds

Team Schacht  

Juan Happy Fuzzy Yarn

Cindy L Natural Fiber Producers

Team SpinOff

Stephenie G Natural Stitches

Amy F SweetGeorgia Yarns

Team Storey Publishing

Patty J Louet

Amy L Spin Off

Team Stringtopia

Jessica C Louet

Janie Y Alpaca Direct

Team SweetGeorgia

Diana T Natural Stitches

Felicia L Storey Publishing

Team Uniquities Yarn Shop

Aporanee S Lavender Sheep

Team Woolery

Jennifer A Natural Stitches

Taevia M Mountain Meadow Wool

Team Yarn Hollow

Paula S Happy Fuzzy Yarn

Heather M Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival

Elise D Pigeonroof Studios

Team Yarn Tree Studio

Joyce Y  Louet

A surprise donation, the following winners (also randomly drawn) get a Bobbins up storage bobbin set from

Team Heritage Spinning and Weaving Jennifer M
Team Lucky Cat Craft Connie K and Barbara G
Team Natural Stitches Julie T
Team Recycled Lamb Julie B and Flo O
Team Storey Marilyn L
Team Woolery Alice H