Deadline to submit your yarn to your team captain is Tuesday, OCTOBER 15!  Here is a brief reminder about what to do!

  • Make sure that you have your Team Captain’s Email address.  You need to have this handy for submitting your yardage!
  • Measure your spun singles, FAQs answered here!
  • Take a photo of your yarn. Please submit only one image file for your photos – the image file may contain multiple photos – i.e., you can create a collage in a photo editor program with multiple pictures in it; it is important, though that you only submit one image file, for the sake of managing the information.
  • If possible, please rename your photo with your last name, team name, and total yardage of the yarn in the photo. For example, Spinner Jane Doe, Team Spinning Mavens, 3,000,000 yards.
  • Submit your yarn to your team captain by MIDNIGHT EST Tuesday, October 15, (11 PM CST, 10 PM MST, 9 PM PST). Winners will be announced on Friday, October 18th—we are not saying when yet!

Now you have beaucoup de yardage. Here are a few ideas to temp your needles, hooks, and looms. We look forward to seeing what you do with your newly spun yarn.  Share your projects on our social media channels including facebookpinterest, instagram and ravelry! Make sure you include your team’s hashtag and/or #Spinzilla, so we can check it out!

There are great designs that are created especially for handspun yarns! Pictured below (from L-R) are Jenise Reid’s Handspun Sweater, Joanna Johnson’s Foliolum Shawl, Heather Storta’s Lilah Shawl, and Julia Farwell-Clay’s Party Mix Sweater.


Another way to use handspun yarn is to mix it with commercial yarn for colorwork, stripes, or to use as a collar, edging or border on your project! A great example of this is Ann Weaver’s King Of Confidence sweater design (available for free on here on Knitty), shown below.


Yarn with twist produces cloth that only spinners can make. The Helix Scarf by Stephenie Gaustad is a popular pattern for high-twist lace weight yarn.  Have a lot of chunky textured yarns? Weave up a batch of Saori Woven Handspun Pillows by Nickolena or myfinn’s Otono Handwoven Handspun Scarf.

Handspun Handwoven.jpg

Martha McQuade’s Simple Shoes, Adrian Bizilla’s Gnomey Hat (shown below left), Angela Whisnant’s crocheted Handspun Baby Socks and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s tried-and-true Baby Surprise Jacket (shown below right) are just a few of many adorable baby patterns that are well-suited to handspun yarn.


There are toy patterns that are specifically written for handspun yarn such as Susan B. Anderson’s Lamb From Scratch (shown below), Joanna Stephens’ Handspun Mini Dinosaur and Deborah Pulliam’s Handspun Knitted Pig.


Many designers have created patterns specifically for handspun yarn. Some of the more popular designs include: Handspun Shawlette Recipe by Jen Lucas, Handspun Show-off Socks by Caryn Lanz, Handspun Fingerless Gloves by Emily Wessel and the One Row Handspun Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, all of which are available for free on Ravelry.


Check out Weavolution; below are just a few member projects to inspire you (from R-L): Sofa PillowsSaori ScarfTwill BlanketRuana.