Layout 1Today is I Love Yarn Day!  I Love Yarn day is set aside as a day to celebrate this love of yarn.  All this week, Spinzilla spinners have expressed their love of yarn by making a lot of it.  By participating in Spinzilla, spinners have supported the work of the Needle Arts Mentoring Program to share that love with future generations.

There is another group of people we would like to offer up some love—our Local Spinning Shop owner, our fiber suppliers, and the tool makers.  Where would we be with out them? Fifty years ago the amazing array of spinning wheels, fibers, and specialty spinning items that we enjoy everyday were almost nonexistent.   Think about it, most of the shops and business we enjoy today have their roots in the back-to-the-land movement of the 1970s.  Before then there were a few mail order businesses (there was no internet), a handful of shops, and a smattering of tool makers.  Today, not only do we we have a lot more spinning suppliers we have a lot more sophisticated tools and fibers to choose from.

swg-logoSpinzilla is made possible by the sheer existence of these business.  Our sponsors The National Needlearts Association and the Spinning and Weaving Group serve as collective advocacy organizations that work to ensure that our businesses are healthy and that they can continue to help us find just the thing we need to make our spinning lives better. Our prize sponsors  and all the businesses that hosted a team are working hard every day to serve the needs of the spinning community.  Support your spinning business that made Spinzilla possible and they will be there in the future to keep supporting the needs of spinners.

Soon it is going to be time to share all the yarn you have made with the world. Do you have your team captain’s e-mail handy so that you can send in your yardage and photo of your yarn?  If you have questions about measuring or submitting your yarn, revisit our blog post from October 5. It answers the most commonly asked questions on the subject. Can’t wait to see your yarn!  Our bet is that we are going to spin enough yarn to encircle the globe and share a bit of yarn love with the whole world!