We are almost halfway though the week Spinzilla spinners! Pace yourself, drink plenty of fluids, and stretch often.  Today, Jacey Boggs is paying us a visit to cheer you on! Leanne Pressly, our Spinzilla social media coordinator, recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jacey Boggs at the Taos Wool Festival to talk about Spinzilla and PLY. Jacey is perhaps best known for her breakout new magazine PLY- A MAGAZINE FOR HANDSPINNERS, launched this Fall. Jacey raised over $30,000 on a Kickstarter campaign to fund her idea of bringing a brand-new spinning publication to the masses.

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[Leanne] Thank you so much for chatting today and sharing your enthusiasm for Spinzilla with our readers!

[Jacey] Sure, Spinzilla seems like such a great way to bring together the spinning community and also to encourage new skill building.  There is major value in putting in the hours.  In classes I teach, we call it “doing the work”.  It’s really the only way to grow as a spinner.  The more you do something, the better you get.  I bet everyone that participates in Spinzilla ups their spin skills in a noticeable way. Plus, who doesn’t love being on a team!?

[Leanne] I think the mission of Spinzilla is not unlike your mission for your new magazine, PLY. Can you tell us about that?

[Jacey] Our mission with PLY is very similar to the goals of Spinzilla, which is to support the community, teach new skills, and inspire spinners. We want a magazine that recognizes the knowledge of spinning experts but also recognizes the contributions of everyday spinners who might not be published but have something to offer and share about spinning knowledge. Spinning has been around for over twenty thousand years so there are a lot of people who have come before us. I wonder how much yarn has been spun in the history of spinning?  That’d be a winning team in Spinzilla, eh?  Team History!  Anyway, after learning so much from my students (many of which are teamed up and ready to spin like their feet are on fire), I’m convinced that there are a lot of contributors out there with information to share (after Oct 13th, of course). My hope is that PLY can help bring that knowledge to everyone.

[Leanne] Can you tell us 5 things about Jacey that readers might not know?

[Jacey] (laughs) Oh Boy…. let’s see…. After 20 years of being vegan, I now eat meat like three times per day. My boyfriend does all the cooking because I never learned how to cook meat. I’ll take recipes, got any good ones? Along those lines, since turning 35 I’ve been eating dark chocolate with sea salt DAILY. … I refuse to knit my true love a sweater– he’s 6’3 and 210 pounds.  I fear it would take forever! I spent a year making a sweater a month for myself but not yet one for him.  And let’s see…. I once spent 3 days in jail on mistaken charges of grand theft auto. It was later proven that the car WAS INDEED MINE!

[Leanne] Yeah, I doubt most people would know that last fact! What tips do you have for our Spinzilla spinners as they take on the challenge of spinning the most yarn?

[Jacey] In my opinion, the key to winning the trophy is well-prepped rolags and a good long draw. Though I’ve seen some wicked quick worsted spinners, as well. I always find thinner spinning faster, plus it decreases the number of times you have to stop and change bobbins or skein off.  Be sure to have some dark chocolate and Downton Abbey or Buffy the Vampire Slayer to pass the time this week.  Also, you might underestimate your speed, so be sure to have enough fiber on hand or a credit card at the ready for emergency fiber replenishment!

[Leanne] Thanks so much Jacey!

In closing, we asked Jacey to gather her class of students for a final good luck wish this week….. watch the video here: