Wow, Spinners… What can be said?

First, thank you, from your humble Spinzilla Chairperson. Your response, your willingness, your enthusiasm, your patience. All overwhelming, all so generous. Please accept our thanks for helping make this event go from a brainstorming session to a reality!


Spin for the win! Andrea Marquis created Winzilla to cheer on our intrepid spinners. Go, Spinners, Go!

Secondly, have an amazing week. Spin, have fun, be creative, try new things, laugh, and share. We can’t wait to see what’s happens in your spinning life in the upcoming week. We know it’s going to be great, and we know that this week is going to build your confidence in spinning. Challenge yourself to spin as much as you can, and don’t worry that you won’t spin enough. You will be spinning, and your spinning is going to be part of your team’s efforts.

Speaking of team efforts, the Spinzilla Committee deserves mention and gratitude for their hard work getting this event off the ground. So, thank you to all the following for the individual efforts:

Claudia Segal, for her willingness to lead the exploratory committee that got this event off the ground.

Constance Hall, for her stewardship of the teams and team captains, her sense of humor, and her ease in communicating with the spinners

Andrea Marquis for her enthusiasm, esprit de corps, and efforts gathering the terrific array of prizes

Liz Gipson for being the vision keeper and tirelessly managing the details that kept this event on track.

Leanne Pressley of The Wool Wide Web for help with social media – her savvy was invaluable!

Libby Butler-Gluck for giving us guidance based on her past experience with event planning and helping promote Spinzilla in the media and digging up more outlets for the message.

Dave VanStalen for guiding Spinzilla from its genesis and for his big-picture thinking.

The staff at the TNNA for their background support and willingness to implement the systems that manage the event! Thank you Patti Parrish, Jane Miller, Guy Googins, and Holly Burckholter for your efforts.  And, to all the Spinning and Weaving Group members whose dues support this kind of advocacy.

Lastly, your contributions to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program are going help grow a new batch of spinners, and that’s the best part. Already educators in my area have asked me about when they can start get their hands on those spindles – they are or know art teachers who need and want more materials for their students. Are you someone who wants to help grow the next generation of fiber artists? Are you someone who wants to share the knowledge and love of spinning? Ask yourself how you can give young people the love of fiber arts in a scouting group, through a youth group, at an afterschool program, through a day camp or church youth group. Your enthusiasm will be contagious.

So this week, go forth and spin. Spin for fun, spin for the challenge, spin for the competition, and most of all SPIN FOR SHARING!!! 

Most sincerely,

Rita Petteys – Spinzilla Chairperson