Are you ready to spin! We can’t wait to see all of your yarn. After all of your hard work you will be eager to show off your work with photos of your beautiful handspun yarns? A poorly lit, out-of-focus photo isn’t going to do justice to your hard work. Here are a few tips to help you take great photos.  Included are tips on how to pin your photos on Pinterest and share it with the Spinzilla community and beyond.

Anyone can take a great photo with the equipment they have available. We took all of these photos with an iPhone 5 with no fancy studio equipment.

1. Natural lighting is your friend! This photo was taken under dingy indoor lighting, and let’s face it, it’s not a great photo. The multiple light sources has created weird shadows, and the iphone just can’t seem to focus in such poor lighting.


2. The light should be behind you, not in front of the camera. In the first photo the yarn is in front of a sliding glass door, so that the yarn is mostly in shadow, and you can’t see the color very well.


In this photo the light is shining onto the yarn, allowing it to glow in natural light.  But since we’re directly in front of the window the phone itself is casting a bit of a shadow. Indirect sunlight is what you’re looking for!


3. Choose your background carefully. The color of your background might change the way that the color of your yarn looks in photos.

In this first photo the yarn looks more green, because of the red background.


In this photo the yarn looks yellow.


This photo portrays the true color of the yarn. It’s placed on a white background in a room with multiple windows, so that the light isn’t shining brightly from one direction, but softly from all directions. The white background also helps to reflect the light, brightening the photo. However the photo is still a little dull, and we can do better.


Go outside! Finally, just took the phone and a pad of paper outside, and voila the photo is in focus, the colors are vibrant, and you have a photo that really shows off your yarn! Cloudy days are best for photos, or try finding shade under a tree, or on your porch, or just wait until dusk.


Pin your photos! 

Share your photos with the world! (Or at least those in the world on Pinterest.) Pin your photos to your board or send them to your captain if your team’s business has a board. Use the designated hasthag for Spinzilla (#Spinzilla) and put that in the description of your image.  We’ll repin those posts for the event on the Spinzilla Pinterest board!

Still a bit fuzzy on how to pin? Here is a step-by-step tutorial. To post your photos go to your Pinterest page, and select which board you’d like to pin your photo too, then click “add pin”


*Choose Upload from computer


Find your file on your computer


Tell the world about your yarn, use #Spinzilla in the description, click pin, and repeat from *