Our guest blogger’s job is to inspire you to get ready for lots of spinning during spinning and weaving week!  Please share them with your friends and tell them that you are spinning for Spinzilla!  We have blog buttons and other graphics available on our website.   There are still open spots.  Encourage your friends to join in on the fun!

For our next Blog Tour post, we’re popping over to the blog of Felicia Lo, owner of SweetGeorgia Yarns, teacher and maker of magical color in yarns and fiber. Felicia will be blogging about using hand dyed yarn in your spinning. Here is a small teaser of what you can read about on her blog, today–September 11, 2013:

There is a magic about handspun yarn from hand-dyed fibre. The way each colour morphs and blends into the next in a single, and how the colours are scattered and recombined through plying. It’s for spinners who love and appreciate all the fine details of how the colours transform between your fingers. But the beauty of a hand-dyed fiber can be intimidating to spinners who feel like they might “ruin it”.

I’d like to suggest some ideas of how you can approach that beautiful braid of hand-dyed fibre… something beyond spinning it from end to end. And perhaps one of your SpinZilla challenges can be spinning a hand-dyed fibre in a way you had never imagined before.

sweet georgia photo



We also would like to use this space to thank all of our generous sponsors who have donated prizes for Spinzilla.