We are thrilled to have our first guest blogger, Jillian Moreno, blogging about Spinzilla on her site, Knitty.com. Visit her blog today (August 27th, 2013) to learn more about Jillian’s love of spinning and her thoughts on creating a yarn vision…

Here is just a teaser of what she’ll be talking about!

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Creating a Yarn Vision by Jillian Moreno

When you sit at your wheel tojillianKSeditor create yarn do you know what you want to spin? If you are spinning for something other than just the spin of it, do you know how to get there? Can you see the finished yarn in your mind’s eye, feel it running through your hands as you knit? Can you see the finished project beautifully created from your yarn?

Taking time to really describe the yarn you want to use can be the make or break difference in loving your final yarn and project.

When I express all of the details of a future yarn I call it a Yarn Vision. I do it when I am spinning for a specific project and I do it just to stretch my creativity in spinning.

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Here are some of the most recent questions asked on our Facebook page and Ravelry Group this week!

How do I know if a team is still open?

If you register for Spinzilla, the available teams will appear on the registration form. Closed teams are listed but you cannot select them.

How do Captains know who and how many spinners have registered for our team?

Our team coordinator, Constance, will email a full list of registered spinners in late September (possibly sooner.)

Do I have to use either a spindle or a wheel? What about an electric spinner; I have mobility issues?

The choice is yours, spinning is spinning!

I like to Navajo (or chain) ply, how do I measure that yardage?

This is what you can do. You spin all week, like crazy. You can spin singles, you can ply, you can chain ply. Plied length is measured and then doubled if it is a two ply. The measurement is how long the single is. So a two ply is two singles and a three ply is three singles. Chain ply is three ply so the measurement is times three. If you are measuring plied yarn it has to be plied during the week.

Then, as soon as Spinzilla is over, you measure. You can use a counter, you can use a niddy noddy, you can use a skein winder, you can use a McMorran balance type thing. Then you send your fearless team leader the total and you post a picture of what you have spun. On Ravelry for sure but also on the pinterest board, if possible

See ALL the FAQ’s about Spinzilla on our website here.